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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


BRN...a nationwide Bible teaching broadcaster.
'FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS'...in your family...
Encouragement and the Challenge we need to Keep Looking UP!

In my part-time role serving as Director of Public Affairs for the Kansas City stations I am blessed to often get to share also about our work with stepfamilies via The Bonded Family. We are thankful for a partnership for families with Bott Radio Network.

Recently in speaking to a Pastor's Appreciation Dinner in Kirksville MO for the BRN station there, I was blessed to hear over and over the impact of God's word upon hearts.

One thing Rebecca and I know for our house, and also from many others we work with on the trail to 'bonding' families to Christ, Christian radio is a strong and mighty tower to keeping families on track. God's promise are real. His Word is sound.

Dick and Sherley Bott, and their son Rich Bott, now have launched over 80+ stations across America. Also heard 24/7 on the internet at www.bottradionetwork.com the messages of hope and trusting in God are ongoing. BLENDED FAMILIES NEED THE LORD'S STEADYING HAND AND WISDOM. The Bible is still the 'best selling' instruction manual in the world today. There is a reason for that. Discover it.

And when you don't have time to spend in the Word, we encourage you to listen to Christian radio like Bott Radio Network. Your family with be blessed by the messages and lessons shared by many of America's top Bible teachers and speakers.

Until next post....KEEP LOOKING UP!


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