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Thursday, June 30, 2011


"VACATING" Stepfamilies will Bond Better
Plus...Buy Q20 Here for your 'Vacating'

We can't encourage you too much to intentionally and with special planning create your new blended family vacation times.  They are giant opportunities to 'get away' and 'bond'.  No external pulls, ties, conflicts, other home influences, etc.  It is one on one time as a group.  It works! Plan it!  Do it!  We did a radio program on 'VACATING' on our radio program BLENDED FAMILY TODAY.  Enjoy AFR DJ and Comedian J.J. Jasper on that one too.  Visit the VACATING and Family Fun broadcast by clicking here.

So many of you would agree that Estes Park Colorado is an incredible place to enjoy as a family.  That was our first vacation as a blended family and it started the great tradition of road games.  We did the contest of spotting various states license plates, who could spot the first water tower, first church steeple, first McDonalds (then we had to stop for a malt) or doing the alphabet via letters on licenses or other games.
One of our favorite games was 'The Whine Counter Game'.  Mom / "Rebecky" would keep a list of who moaned or complained or whined the most.  Everyone would of course 'assist' her in pointing out a brother or sisters moan about something.  The 'top whiner' would have to do the dishes or other chores at the mountain cabin.  Funny how the whining dropped off the day we played that game.   Anyway, as you plan and enjoy your family 'vacating', be sure and find some great games to play while driving and create some 'bonding' memories.  Our kids remember and actually seemed to LIKE the LONG TRIPS.  God is good.

One year we bought some mini-electronic games for the road.  The BEST ONE and the ALL-TIME, ALL-TIMER FUN BONDING MACHINE is the 20 Questions little round device called the Q20.  It is amazing.  You think of 'something', it's asks you  20 questions...and then 'get's it right!'  You have to have one.  So that's all I got to say.  Spend $15 and get a MILLION dollars worth of family joy.   "VACATING" with Q20 is a bonder.  Buy your Q20 below.

REMEMBER... to grow a BOND in your Blended Family...be sure to enjoy 'VACATING' together!

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