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Saturday, August 22, 2009

WEBTALK WITH BOB - Can a Radio Program Really Bond Your Blended Family? YES!

BOARD GAMES can be 'KEYBOARD' GAMES...and a way to BOND.

As you know, we encourage some form of group activity for blended families a lot. Board games, Wii, Checkers, Monopoly, Chess... anything that allows for a focused time of being a teammate or allowing for good, clean, common rules, fun competition.

Another place we've found is the computer keyboard and mouse. Most kids or grandkids like 'making AND spending money'. We've found a way for that...and it can become 'bonding' time. Create an start up small web business together and follow it's progress together as you 'build and bond' a small entrepreneurship together.

There is a weekly radio program available (each Thursday 3 PM CST) called WEBTALK WITH BOB. Bob Sherwood, the hosts offers a fun listener experience as he encourages everyone to be 'Web Ready', and he provides tips and examples of how to get 'Web Ready'. Bob INFORMS, EDUCATES AND INSPIRES people to see how actually easy it can be to create a small website that can actually make money.

WEBTALK WITH BOB podcasts can be heard and they not only offer educational value for any age, but they also open a 'window' of opportunity for bonding.
Bob Sherwood challenges people to explore the opportunities on the web to 'take their passion and turn it into a web business'.

We applaud Bob Sherwood / WEBTALK WITH BOB and join him in this 'challenge'. It's to parents, older brothers and sisters, or grandparents. Invest an hour a week helping a family member start a small website that offers either some product or service to sell. Or using methods learned on WEBTALK WITH BOB, become an affiliate of companies that sell products or services of items the particular age group might be buying.

In most families, often a hobby exists, or someone holds an artistic skills or expertise. If your children are into sports or music, almost every sports or music site offers some form of 'affiliate' programs Bob speaks about. If people / teammates / players buy from the site, you get a small commission, say 5% to sometimes 15%. As we said, why not let you kids earn some spending money AND learn how to be 'WEB READY' all at once. Visit www.webtalkwithbob.com There are archives / podcasts of the programs that speak to 'affiliates', or 'Clickbank' or other ways to make money on the internet.

They key is really the 'doing the start up small web business together'. Cheering each other on! Seeing a check for maybe $45 a month, then $70, then higher. Bigger than the cash...you've created a memory and a bond.

LISTEN EACH THURSDAY to WEBTALK WITH BOB. In Kansas City it's on KCTE 1510 AM from 3PM to 4 PM or it can be heard live via streaming audio at www.1510.com click Listen Live button.

We know of WEBTALK WITH BOB and Bob Sherwood through KCTE 1510 AM, the station that each Sunday morning our own radio program is on. BLENDED FAMILY TODAY is on Sunday's 8 AM to 9 AM. Likewise wherever you are you can hear it via: www.1510.com

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