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Friday, May 22, 2009

Radio Program for Blended Families

THE BONDED FAMILY begins Radio Ministry
BLENDED FAMILY TODAY is now a blog and radio show
J.J. JASPER, Christian Comedian and Blended Family Dad this week!

Join us for what is sure to be the most joy and fun-filled program of the year. WE GUARANTEE BELLY LAUGHS!

This Sunday, May 24th, Memorial Day weekend at 8 am CST, J.J. Jasper will be our guest. You know J.J. as a morning radio show host for American Family Radio, heard globally via www.afr.net. J.J. travels the country providing great, clean and belly laugh generating humor. You'll hear some on BLENDED FAMILY TODAY this weekend.

Visit J.J. Jasper website at: (what else??) www.jjjasper.com

To listen to program in Kansas City metro area, tune to 1510 AM. Worldwide (tell your friends in blended families) you can hear it via streaming audio LIVE at www.1510.com then click LISTEN LIVE button.

If you have a question you want answered, or want to support the radio program, write us at radio@thebondedfamily.com

OUR TOPIC THIS WEEK FOR THE SHOW: "VACATING" (vacations), FUN and FAMILY LAUGHTER are a gift from God to help you BOND as a step-family. You'll love this show. Great preparation for summer schedules.

Visit our radio program archives at: http://blendedfamilies.podomatic.com
OR...merely use the below resource:

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Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

I wrote a post on my blog about blended families and wanted to share with you the link. Your blog is inspiring. jen